Welcome to J.James Painting Contractors. J.James Painting Contractors formerly known as Hume and Staff Painters Pty Ltd, was established in 1985 on the Sunshine Coast and began painting traditional Queenslanders. The company began with domestic work, and has grown to specialise in domestic, commercial, and industrial work.

J.James philosophy from initiation has been to offer prudential solutions to the decorative and protective coating requirements of the construction industry. Primarily on new and existing buildings, using only original products and by training skilled tradespersons in the techniques of application.

A long record of successful projects demonstrates our commitment to innovation, quality and product durability. Our product range is multifarious including external and internal wall and ceiling painting, waterproofing coatings to roof decks and walls, substrate preparation, materials and wall paper preparation, qualified lead base paint removal & qualified asbestos removal.

Our liaison with the primary paint companies has developed over the years, giving us access to a great professional team of painters that can advise us on new and existing products. Chances are your building is not just painting, it is a paint system designed to protect the structure. Depending on the design of the building and location determines what paint system you require, as it is not just colour, it is protection.

We need to inspect your environment around you such as high traffic areas, salt spray, sand blast and harsh sun conditions, as all can cause systems to wear over time. One of the major problems today is concrete deterioration, which is an essential perquisite for anyone intending to repair the damage. What you need to look for to keep your building's value is deterioration of concrete, render, steelworks, timber, waterproofing paint and membranes. Let us advise you on the best solution for your painting needs.